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Welcome to Bodilove!

Hi Everyone, welcome to Bodilove!

Bodilove is a one-stop online only fashion shop for today's modern, fashion-forward, glamour girl. We cater to girls who love to throw a fun spin into their everyday attire. Bodilove is the ultimate destination!

We are so excited that we are launching this website. For those who knew us, we were "2Luv Style" in Amazon and were trusted by tens of thousands of customers. Now we curated our best styles from there and to present to you here, I hope you like them.

Here in the blog we will keep you up to date on our new arrivals, current trends, and in the loop with what we are up to here at Bodilove. We love seeing what inspires you, so feel free to leave comments, post on our wall, and share with friends!

2LUV or not 2LUV, we are now Bodilove!

Allen Y

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